Frequently asked questions

How do I get Compasses?

When you log in for the first time, you automatically recieve 10 Compasses to play with. Every Single Player game will cost you 1 Compass. To get it back, you need to score 25,000 points or more. If you score more than 50,000 points, you will even get one Compass extra. In Multiplayer mode, you can choose how many Compasses you want to bet. The best player after five rounds takes it all!

Note: It is not allowed to have more then one account. Creating multiple accounts to transfer compasses will be punished by deleting the accounts.

I lost all my Compasses, can I still play?

Yes, don't worry, but you have to wait for 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes, we will give you 1 free Compass with a maximum of 5.
If you promote GeoGame on Facebook or Twitter, you get 1 Compass. You can do this by tapping the Compass on the top left on your screen in the game menu. When your FB friends start playing after your invite, you'll recieve 3 compasses.

I waited for 30 minutes but I didn't get any free Compasses?

Check whether you have Compasses in game. You will have to wait.

How does All-in work?

When you challenge someone with all your Compasses, (All-in), the actual bet depends on the count of Compasses of your opponent. If your opponent has less Compasses than your All-in bet, you bet for his number of Compasses. So for example, Player 1 (10 Compasses) challenges Player 2 (7 Compasses) to go All-in. If Player 2 accepts the challenge, the game will be played for 7 Compasses.

My Guess was closer than my oppenent's Guess, but I lost the round. How is this possible?

In this situation, your opponent was faster with Guessing. If you take too long to make a Guess, you will get a time penalty. In the first 30 seconds, your maximum possible score is 100%. After 30 seconds, the maximum score starts to decrease, and after 60 seconds, the round is over and your score will be decreased by 50%. 

Is there an Ad-free version of GeoGame?

Yes, you can upgrade GeoGame to Premium for $4.99, or €4.49. GeoGame Premium is free of Ads.

I have a different number of Compasses in the Ranking than in my balance on the home screen?

The number of Compasses in the Ranking, the in-game Compasses are included. The balance only shows the number of Compasses which you have at this moment.

Why do I want to buy Compasses?

It's possible to buy compasses in-app. You can go faster and higher in rank after buying compasses.

Can I add my own locations?

Yes you can! To suggest locations for GeoGame, go to, and then click 'Add location' under the GeoGame menu button. We will review all locations and include the best ones in GeoGame.

Is GeoGame available for Android?

Yes from the first of July, also Android users can play GeoGame! 

Why GeoGame cut my compasses to 200?

Because of the Android GeoGame, we have made a compass reset. Fair opportunities for everyone to get in the highscore list. Everybody above 200 compasses is cut to the 200 limit. 


It's possible to chat with your opponent in game. Just click on the cloud button top left. It's also possible in menu to chat. Just click on the avatar of your oponent (only if the game is started/accepted and if chat is enabled in settings)

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