Christian McLeod

Adventurer and globe traveller Christian McLeod, loves what he does and only does what he loves. Whether that is getting out in the ocean, or giving inspiring talks to other aspiring adventures.

Having been raised high in the Rockies, and moving to Ireland at quite a young age, travelling has been in his blood. Reaching places, through photography, such a Norway, Italy, Iceland, Germany, and soon to be travelling to further afield places like Patagonia, travelling is the key to the soul for Christian.

After studying Engineering and having a moment of self-realisation, Christian decided to pursue his young lust for photography and make it his living. Starting full-time since May 2014, he has been creating articles worldwide, generating strong social influencing projects and even doing large campaigns for the likes of Ford and Tourism Tropical North Queensland.




Fountain of Youth          




Behind the wave.                                                                     Shadow and shapes.

Long Irish evenings.

The Cave


Christian Mcleod Photography

Sligo, Ireland

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