In the Worldmap you are able to upload your photo and pinpoint it at the correct location. Use the "Upload your Photo" box at the rightside of the Worldmap and it will navigate you through the steps.

The Worldmap is also a fun way to enjoy lots of other beautiful photo's from over the world which are uploaded by professional and amateur photographers. Just click on the continent from which you would like to see the photo's. 

When you open a photo its also possible to add it to your own bucket list by clicking on the button above the photo. This feature is a easy way to save the most beautiful photo's to you own profile. You can rank them by priority and share the Top 3 with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

After uploading your photo it will be reviewed for approval. This can take a short period of time due to the huge amount of photo's we recieve every day.

If by any reason the photo is rejected and you think the photo follows our policies please contact us at and we will review it again for approval.