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Just after New Years 2015, the Rockefeller centre, disappearing into the clouds Central Park, New York City 9/11 Museum and Memorial
Sunset over Brooklyn Bridge Best night ever! View from the top of The Empire State Bldng. #spectacular Best night ever! View from the top of The Empire State Bldng. #spectacular
View of NYC from the Staten Island Ferry New York Skyline Statue of Liberty, NYC
Statue of Liberty at Sunset, November 2010 Lady Liberty of a brillant blue backdrop Chillin in Central Park
Taken on my Sony Xperia Z Central Park in the morning light pigeon empire state building
Rockefeller Centre, Manhattan, NY Central Park, New York 911 Memorial and Freedom Tower
The magic of New York from Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge, view of city The American flag with New York city view.
The Statue of Liberty in New York. Beautiful New York chrysler building New York
Sunset on Brooklyn Bridge April 2014 Yellow cab Night, night New York
NYC view from a helicopter Time Square Statue of Liberty
Summer nights in New York. How about some shopping!!! View of Empire State Building  from rooftop terrace View of NYC from the Top of the Rock
Sunset from the Empire State Building Top of the Rock, looking across Central Park Central Park, New York
two monumental sculptures of horses by Scottish artist Andy Scott in Bryant Park Sunset from Central Park, NYC Trinity Church & One World Trade Center
New York at night February 14 Bethesda Fountain Central Park NYC Boat trip in the fall
Lower Manhattan, NYC at night Taxis waiting outside of Grand Central Terminal, NYC Hearst Tower sunset
Hearst Tower sunset Empire State, New York Empire State Building
Was in New York for vacation and I took this picture. from the top of the Rock. View from the Rockefeller Centre of the Empire State Building, New York City Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan, NYC at night
Manhattan (NYC) Manhattan (NYC) central park
View on Manhattan Down Town New York Skyline At Night Rooftop
A New York minute Times Square Morning in Central Park
Best graffiti ever! Steam coming out from underneath the street Empire State Building
Flatiron building View of Times Square from Empire Stare Building View from High Line in New York City
Brooklyn Bridge Lost at Wall Street Snow on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
Christmas at Rockefeller Plaza Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City Lincoln Center Fountain